Lions' Den, World Cup 2022

Lions' Den, World Cup 2022

Date: 2022-11-19 Category: Portfolio Location: Qatar


Lion's Den is a groundbreaking social first live entertainment show that revolutionised the way fans connected with players.

Lion's Den connected fans and players in real-time during the World Cup, driving engagement with the England team, and exposure to the headline sponsor Marks and Spencer Foods.

The set of Lions' Den
Cameras at The Lions' Den Studio
Multi-Camera Studio

Lions' Den was created to connect the England team in Qatar to fans across the world in a genuine, unfiltered, interactive, and immersive way. The show, hosted by Josh Denzel, took place in a stunning studio located in the heart of England’s Qatari base camp, featuring the entire men’s England team, sports personalities, artists, and other celebrities.


Despite 4,000 miles separating the studio and production team, this had to be a full remote production driven from our innovation hub. We designed complex live hits across the UK and seamless interaction between Josh, guests, and remote contributors and fans, making two-way live chats effortless and easy.


The FA engaged as many fans as possible by taking Lions' Den to their preferred social channels rather than driving fans to a single destination. Limitless pioneered a way to reach all social channels simultaneously without compromising quality, with bespoke graphics tailored for each platform in full HD and framed for the relevant aspect ratio. Lions' Den is a game-changing format that pioneered an unparalleled interactive experience for fans, setting a new standard for social first live entertainment.