Wildfires Online: Virtual Festival

Wildfires is a three day music festival which takes place at Wiston House, Sussex in May. In 2020 it became a virtual festival with each day taking place in a new location across the UK.

  • Remote Production
  • Virtual Event
  • Outside Broadcast

When COVID-19 hit the UK, the festival and events industry ground to a halt. 24-7 Prayer decided to take Wildfires 2020 online and invited Limitless to help with the transition in order to make it happen.

Taking place in the heart of lockdown, with travel restrictions and stay at home orders issued, Limitless were able to help Wildfires adapt from their original in-person festival plan and broadcast live amidst the uncertainty.


With people advised not to leave their homes, how do we safely engage thousands of people? Wildfires chose to take the festival to their communities, by broadcasting directly into homes around the world.

Well known senior leaders of the Christian community were chosen to host the festival from home. These included Rachel and Tim Hughes, Pete and Bee Hughes, and Pete and Sammy Greig (and Crumble the dog).


Limitless were able to help Wildfires broadcast in the midst of lockdown by sending multi-skilled broadcast engineers with our custom-designed mini-rigs, hothead cameras and small OB to each home.

Equipment was setup outside, before being sanitised and taken into the property by the hosts, who then placed the cameras as instructed by our remote director. Our production team were based in Surrey and drove the festival's mix of live content and pre-recorded material from our MCR gallery.


With Limitless by their side, 24-7 Prayer were able to broadcast Wildfires to thousands around the world, connecting their international community with a message of hope in difficult times.

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