Carry on producing high quality content regardless of your talent's location

A combination of government guidelines, restrictions on travel, and social distancing has made creating content very challenging, if not impossible, in some cases.

We have designed a user-friendly system that enables you to keep filming despite worldwide restrictions.

What is Contributor Capture?

Contributor Capture is a fast, flexible and cost effective method to gather content remotely. You can film your talent or host regardless of location and still obtain high quality video and sound, whilst directing the shoot from home.

How does it work?

We have repurposed technology used in our live sports and events projects and brought this across to entertainment, documentary and reality television production.

Recent credits include BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 4, as well as countless online events, live productions and fully remote broadcasts. With all options, your production team can see all shots in real-time whilst talking with the talent, directing and producing them from home.

We offer three options; starting with a smartphone rig, through to robotic cameras, up to high performing cinematic cameras with remote links.

Smartphone Capture

This uses contributor's devices (iPhone/Android) and remotely monitors a live feed, with our MCR engineers to assist with the tech.

Quality far exceeds a 'Zoom call' and allows huge gains in production value from a very straightforward work-flow.

Remote PTZ Cameras

We deliver pre-configured remote hot-head cameras to your talent, to be used in their homes without us having to enter.

Get higher quality shots, multiple angles and crystal clear audio. Perfect for 1-on-1 interviews and talk shows.

Traditional Cameras

Even if we can get a camera crew to site, having a remote link means your production team can be minimised.

Loggers can remotely review content, footage can be delivered electronically and producers can work from home.

How we support you...

Our experienced engineers are on hand, overseeing the output quality, as well as advising on lighting, framing and anything else you would like support with.

We provide real-time viewing and interaction between your team, regardless of location. All footage is captured to the best quality possible and delivered directly to your chosen post-production house.

Let's bring it all together...

Mix and match a variety of techniques to suit your production. For the recent BBC commission Shelf Isolation, author Damian Barr leads celebrities through a conversation on their favourite books, films and television series keeping them entertained during lockdown. This show used a mix of remote hot-head cameras at Damian's home, iPhone capture with the remote contributors, and a production team working remotely from home to direct.

Need a multi-way 'Zoom' style call between contributors? No problem - we can pull live feeds using our iPhone/Android apps and give you a live view of all contributors. All footage is recorded in our MCR in an edit-friendly 1080p HD high quality format with isolated audio and video tracks for each participant.

Want to link two contributors together in real time across the planet? We've used our hot-head and remote filming apps for shows that have contributors across the globe!

Our Commitment

Limitless are committed in supporting the changing landscape of our industry. We are constantly developing and improving our offering. Please get in touch for the latest information on any of the above.

Take a look for yourself...