Fixed rig gives you
access-all-areas; capture the
drama and life's little details...

Limitless design and build a range of bespoke fixed rig and portable mini rig systems.

From 1 to 40+ camera rigs, we stock the latest robotic hot-head & PTZ cameras - ideal for observational documentary, reality, and hidden camera content.

What is Fixed Rig?

Fixed rig is a filming technique that uses unobtrusive robotic cameras and atmospheric microphones to capture real-life events; with minimal intrusion from production.

Rig is used in factual and documentary where real-life storylines need to develop organically - achieving that candid "fly-on-the-wall" look.

Limitless deliver...

We understand shoots come in all shapes and sizes, with a need for flexibility and scale; so, we provide everything from a single operator mini-rig, up to a large 40+ camera install with full production gallery.

Portable / Mini Fixed Rig

We've designed our mini fixed rig or "mini rig" as the answer to flexible, nimble and temporary shoots.

  • Smaller (<8 camera) systems
  • Setup and operated by a small crew
  • Rigged, de-rigged and transported quickly
  • No compromise on delivered quality
  • Ideal for pop-up filming, hidden camera, or multiple locations
  • Often covers supporting storylines on complex shoots

Bespoke Fixed Rig

Designed specifically for your production, they will often be installed for longer durations, shooting week after week.

  • For larger projects with more cameras and bigger production teams
  • Production galleries scaled to your needs
  • Latest robotic cameras, vision and audio tech
  • Multiple recording 'streams' and/or multi-tracking
  • Include specialist camera systems, mini cams, etc
  • We offer demos, project management and training
  • Our team can supplement your crew

How we support you...

Our rigs are designed to be flexible, robust and durable. From the start, our team are on hand to assist through the planning, design, installation and shooting process.

We provide demonstrations to your team of how the system will look and work, and take you through the logistics of running a fixed-rig shoot if you're new to the tech. Our technical team will recce, design and install your rig, providing on-site or remote support, including our 24-hour support line.

We're flexible on crewing fixed-rig projects; and can provide full training to your crew - allowing the mini fixed-rigs to be setup and operated completely by your own team. By giving you control, you have the utmost flexibility with your shoots.

If the success of a fly-on-the-wall documentary hinges on two factors - just how access-all-areas the filming really is, and how interesting the subjects actually are - then this show gets it right.
The Evening Standard, The Baby Has Landed, BBC 2
Ready to go...
Panasonic PTZ Cameras

Our fleet of Full HD and 4K image sensor cameras from Panasonic, offer excellent low-light performance and image quality from a world-leading brand

Specialist / Mini-Cams

Get specialist close or super-wide angle shots from our range of miniature cameras with full remote control from Toshiba, Marshall and GoPro

High Quality Sound

Achieve crystal clear audio from one of the leading wireless microphone manufacturers with our Sennheiser G4 systems

Multiviewers / Routing / Cutting

Brands such as Evertz, Leitch Harris, Snell and Blackmagic Design lead our selection of video routing, processing and multiview equipment

DNxHD / ProRes / Direct Record

Various recording formats, standards and bit-rates can be scaled depending on your commissioner's and post-house's requirements

Live Streaming / Mixing

Expand to go LIVE to online platforms, broadcast television or contribute remotely to interactive shows

Bringing it all together...

We rig homes, offices, public spaces, indoor or outdoors. Our car rigs can capture action on the go. Hidden camera and specialist rigs are ideal for social experiments, stunts or brand activations.

Working with us, you can ensure a successful fixed-rig project from start to finish. We often combine fixed rig with other productions too - for instance, using fixed rig for live sport or to shoot master interviews in a location where a camera crew cannot be present.

Take a look for yourself...