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Existing platforms are designed for a one-way viewing experience. Limitless Live completely changes that with advanced interactive features, giving you full control and increased brand engagement.

Showcase on Limitless Live...

Your show can of course be fed straight to social media such as Facebook Live, YouTube or Vimeo or embedded as a live stream into your client's website.

These are existing platforms that are well known but give little control over how your live stream or event is accessed, shared or interacted with.

How does it work?

Our in-house team take your assets and brand guidance and build a fully branded landing page (sometimes known as a micro-site) for your event. This can be a one-off or something you re-use on a regular basis each time you go live. The platform can have various features added to suit your event, but the important thing is that it's 100% customisable, and in fact we often develop new features to meet our client's ever changing needs.

You can invite your audience to your page, typically from a chosen web address (sub-domain or domain name) that will give a more premium feel than just asking them to login to a Zoom or YouTube event. Invitation links, passwords, ticketing (PPV) are all options that can be used to control access to your event, and we will discuss these options with you in more detail.

We work hard to ensure your live event is successful and safe. Our redundant internet connectivity in our MCR galleries provides assurance your live event will get to where it's intended, as well as a platform that's reliable and secure. Our platform is hosted in what's known as a load balanced cloud engine - this means there are many servers distributed around the world; providing both physical redundancy and giving the fastest possible connections to far-flung viewers. The system automatically scales, so it handles anything from 10 to 10,000+ viewers without so much as a blink.

Existing platforms are designed for a one-way viewing experience.
Limitless Live completely changes that.
Functionality includes...
100% Brandable

Everything from the web address through to the design and layout of the page is 100% customisable and 100% brandable to your needs.

Our in-house team just needs a sketch and some assets and we'll get to work to make your site look unique and slot perfectly into your branding.

Video Chat & Breakouts

Live video and text chat is built right into the platform page. Host a stream, then push attendees into breakout spaces or workshop sessions directly within the platform.

You have full control of when and where attendees go - and can pre-determine, sort or randomise movements; as well as manually hop into spaces. "Voice of God" announcements can be made directly into all breakouts.

Polls, Q&A & Social

Request questions for the panel, get the audience chatting or run polls. A social wall can show real-time posts for your chosen hashtag to drive Social Media interaction.

There's a huge variety in how your hosts and moderation team can interact with the audience in real time.

Multiple Languages

We can host your live stream in multiple languages, including live translations or subtitling, allowing the viewer to select the most appropriate for them.

In fact, the entire platform can be localised in their language so all options including downloadable content, agendas, etc are presented in their chosen language.

On Demand and Assets

During the event we can "live clip" Video-on-Demand (VOD) segments of your broadcast and add them directly into the relevant section of the agenda. Viewers can rewind and rewatch the parts they care about.

Our CDN can host your event's assets such as press packs, downloadable product photos, brochures or PDFs of speaker slides to allow full access throughout the event.

Brochures, Agendas & Bios

Feature an interactive 'flip book' style brochure, get the agenda on there, or pop in speaker biographies and photos.

Any number of text modules can be added, for instance a Frequently Asked Questions section to help guide viewers through any issues they might encounter.

Ticketing & Analytics

You can lock-down access to those with a pre-issued code/ticket, host a registration page, run PPV or require a password to access the platform.

Analytics data can track each attendee's movements around the platform and when they watch. All data is securely provided to you after the event.

Auctions, Pledges, Donations

We bring interactive segments such as live auctions, pledge and donation facilities and raffle/competitions directly onto the platform.

Credit Card donations or pledges can be given directly within the platform for charity or fundraising events.

Much much more...

We have 100s of elements that can be incorporated into your platform site and all can be customised for your event.

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