The days of an Outside Broadcast compound on‑site are over...

Remote Production champions sustainability, allowing the number of personnel and amount of equipment travelling to site to be dramatically reduced; with only camera operators and small production team on-site.

What is Remote Production?

With traditional outside broadcast, every camera had to be cabled back to a physical outside broadcast truck located in a compound on-site. Even wireless cameras needed large amounts of infrastructure and antennas. With remote production, each camera operator streams their feed back to our MCR control gallery in Surrey; and from there we can add graphics, live replay, and handle all the technical aspects of live broadcasting.

Our remote production services enable full HD remote productions of any size; ranging from single camera to a large multi-camera OB. There is no compromise to the high standards of production achieved versus traditional Outside Broadcast (OB).

Large trucks don't need to be driven to site, and because cameras are un-tethered, they can roam, get player interviews, travel on team buses, and gather more content without having to worry about cables or RF range. Great for large format events such as marathons, triathlons or watersports.

The benefits...
Centralise Resources

Cover multiple events and remain consistent across all with the same team in one place

Reach Further

Increase visibility and engage new audiences previously out of reach

Effortlessly Scale

Use exactly what you need, no more or less with our modular solutions

Increase Sustainability

Minimise your production's carbon footprint by significantly reducing travel, shipping and overheads

Happier Crew

Offer a better working environment, better working hours and greater welfare

Production Value

Increase flexibility and add production value by reducing production overheads

Limitless have been at the fore-front of Remote Production for many years...
How does it work?
LiveU / Bonded 4/5G Cellular

Bonded technology securely feeds full quality video back from site with low-latency, using HEVC transmission

Two-Way Interactivity

Using SkypeTX, Zoom or Teams we offer live links, PiP interviews and bring in additional live content remotely

Return Vision

Bring low-latency feeds back to site as return video for the production team, commentators, LED screens or for sports presentation

Tracking Vehicles

Motorbikes, drones, team cars and helicopters can be easily integrated - without needing any on-site RF infrastructure

Graphics / Social Media

As well as on-screen graphics, lower thirds and scoreboards; we integrate social media to enable the conversation with your audience

Live Replay

We use EVS or 3Play for live-action replay, to record and playout interviews, create real-time highlights, sizzle reels or VOD clips