You have the stories;
we help you capture them

Need a bespoke camera-rig? A way to track social media? Perhaps live-streaming from off-grid locations? We're your team to make it happen.

We're creating a new reality format - we need to be across the contributors' smartphones 24/7...
We need to film families with newborns across six weeks... completely fly-on-the-wall.
The formats we love...

We're passionate about working with production companies to create great television. We deliver fixed-rig, digital rigs, remote contributor capture and live broadcast using our variety of tools for:

Observational Docs

Filming with fixed-rig allows un-paralleled access to real life scenarios.

Access all areas and capture intimate moments without needing a team on-location.

Reality TV

Develop unscripted and reality formats such as dating, social experiments and viral content.

Innovate with new technology to re-invent formats and try concepts not possible in the past.


Viewers are craving new and adventurous ideas in the entertainment sector.

Develop exciting formats: fast-turnaround reality, high-energy or interactive broadcast.

Why Limitless?

The first thing we do is listen to your vision, we workshop your ideas with you, and take you through the first steps to making it happen. We'll invite you to visit us and see the technology we use, or we'll come to you and guide you through our approach. We believe in transparency, and offer workshops to help you understand the technology used for your project.

The support we give...

  • Assist you with pitching to commissioners
  • Working through new ideas and piloting
  • Deliver an end-to-end solution in house
  • Open and honest about budgets and goalposts

Limitless deliver...

  • Workshops and training
  • Fixed rig and mini-rig camera setups
  • Digital rigs and contributor tracking apps
  • Remote contributor capture

Bringing it all together...

You can choose from a combination of tools to make your project happen. For example, C4's Spying On My Family used a large fixed-rig with a remote gallery, a digital rig to track contributor smartphones, GPS trackers, and live streaming FS7s which followed contributors everywhere; down to the shops, at work and out with friends. There had to be zero-off camera time, meaning the director had eyes on the contributors wherever they were.

During 2020's national lockdown, Strictly Come Dancing needed to film with their pro dancers and celebrities to create Strictly: The Best Of series. With all talent and dancers locked down all over the world, they needed a remote filming solution that was super easy to use. Our Contributor Capture tool enabled Strictly to film with multiple contributors in a single day. Starting in South Africa, moving to Slovenia, then to L.A, London, Italy, and finally Germany. The production team produced and directed from home using our Director View system. We banked over 120 shoots with professional dancers, musicians, politicians and celebrities locked-down across 3 continents.

Find out how we do it...
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