Unite your community and
amplify your message with our nimble, flexible, and high-end virtual events

We exist to bring people and communities together, helping teams all over the world to do so on a global and local scale.

Our TV studio approach, green-screen studios, production experience and Limitless Platform make a winning combination for hosting your brand's live event. We have been doing this for years and will guide you through every detail. You're in safe hands with us.

Limitless offer a fresh viewing experience for your audience, with an easy to watch output.
What is a Virtual or Hybrid Event?

Virtual and Hybrid events exploded onto the scene during 2020 replacing physical events completely. As we all try to find our way through COVID-19, it's clear that these events are here to stay. We treat a virtual or hybrid event as we would a live TV show - using broadcast TV and live production experience to stitch it all together. You're not bound by the limitations of screen sharing!

Limitless deliver...
International Conferences

Engage global teams with multiple live streams, driven by one team, from a central hub, including: medical conferences, town-halls, international updates and product reveals

Fundraising & Galas

Fundraise on-line and host galas from our studios. The Limitless Live platform handles donations and live auctions with credit-card processing built in

Award Shows

Engage your audience. Winners can "accept" their awards live with us, give a speech and react in real-time - all handled by our team

Live Language Translation

Translate your message into multiple languages with our real-time live translation tool

Virtual Festivals

We mix multi-camera coverage of live performances from anywhere in the world into an epic live experience

Faith Events

We connect faith communities locally and globally through livestreaming ceremonies, services and festivals

Why Limitless?

We're obsessed with the detail, making sure the output looks polished, sounds great and represents your brand. Our purpose is to engage every single guest with a smooth and memorable live experience.


  • Drive your event from our TV galleries
  • Host your talent in our green-screen or daytime TV studios
  • Feature an unlimited number of remote guests
  • Tie in multiple studios across the world for large-scale events
  • Bespoke virtual sets, graphics and layout designs - get creative!
  • Create virtual meeting spaces
  • An experienced broadcast team driving your production
  • Broadcast quality technology
  • 100% brand-able Limitless Live event platform


  • Dramatically lower your carbon footprint & build sustainability
  • Deliver a high-end, polished, and seamless virtual experience
  • Significantly save cost and budget
  • Increase brand loyalty and engagement across platforms
  • Streamline event production with centralised resources
  • Simplify practical logistics
  • Mitigate your event against worldwide disruption
  • Eliminate the multi-agency approach
  • Release budget and assets for CSR

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