BBC: Tiny Happy People

BBC: Tiny Happy People

Date: 2023-10-26 Category: Portfolio


Radio 1's Chris Stark wanted to inspire parents to up their bedtime story game. Viewers were invited to join him as he recreated some key footballing moments from the last few years. Each film has a unique topic told as a short story with a comic twist.

The films were part of BBC's Tiny Happy People project, which aims to help parents develop their child's communication skills with simple activities.

Producers Goldwala approached Limitless to film the series entirely remotely from Stark's home during the UK's lockdown #1.


Naturally the challenge was ensuring the safety of filming with Chris and his family, achieving high-quality results without entering the family home or having any physical contact with Chris.

Filming all took place in a single day, with multiple episodes to record as well as a selection of pickups to go alongside illustration.

Limitless offered Goldwala a two-camera mini fixed rig setup, with the robotic camera's feeds being fed back in full HD to our Master Control Room (MCR) in Surrey. Our Director View product enabled the remote production team (working from home) to view both angles whilst maintaining two-way communication with Chris.

This project worked because everyone was on-board with the concept, with Chris happy to place pre-configured cameras, lighting and microphones in his living room. Chris was brilliant to work with and was crucial to the success of this project.

Cameras were delivered to Chris' house where he setup under remote guidance
BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark

Capturing quality content with good-looking shots through a difficult time for the industry is commendable. Children up and down the country could enjoy a bedtime read, and parents could take a well-earned break!