The Circle BMX Competition

The Circle BMX Competition

Date: 2022-03-25 Category: Portfolio


In 2020, Vans Europe launched a new initiative to support local BMX stores, their riders and their communities. The Circle is a brand new Vans BMX film competition where 10 BMX shops from across the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Russia go head to head for the chance to win up to €10,000 in prize money.


Filmed entirely at their local spots, The Circle is a real chance for local BMX communities to showcase their crew of talent to viewers across the world. House of Vans asked Limitless to live stream the contest in an interactive awards show.


To host The Circle, House of Vans selected two celebrated hosts from the BMX world. One host was based in our green screen studio in Surrey and the other in a studio in Berlin. The challenge was bringing the hosts together to look as though they were standing side-by-side. Using green-screen studio spaces meant we could place the hosts together in the frame, which looked natural to the viewer watching at home. In fact, they looked so natural together we had complaints on Twitter about them not social distancing, even though they were 100s of miles apart!

The event was produced from our MCR and studios in Surrey, with four judges brought in remotely from their respective countries.


House of Vans succeeded in connecting their international BMX community, and championed each store, team and local heroes in doing so despite the pandemic.