Bring The Noise Project by Kia and UEFA Europa League

Bring The Noise Project by Kia and UEFA Europa League

Date: 2021-04-03 Category: Portfolio


We all know watching football isn't quite the same at the moment, that football is best enjoyed with other people; that's why Kia the official partner of UEFA Europa League decided to do something about it and launched a new series: Bring The Noise.

The show brings fans together, virtually, with opposing fans taking part in challenges set by Jermaine Jenas; and as the name suggests the loudest fans win. It’s all about the atmosphere after all. Kia sent lucky fans game packs to go head-to-head. This series reveals which fans really do bring the noise of the stadium home.


Kia needed to film with fans as though they were in the room with Jermaine. As we all know atmosphere is everything in sport, so Telescope needed the fans to be able to respond in real time for this project to work. Due to Covid restrictions Telescope couldn't send a camera team, and needed a remote filming solution that enable real time interaction, not just a one way shooting method. That's where we were really able to help, using our remote contributor filming and streaming kits meant Jermaine was able to chat to fans from different countries and set them challenges, all in real-time.

Contributors could take part in real-time activities whilst the game progressed
Contributors were brought in live from across Europe

Filming with contributors and not being in the room or physically behind the camera is a huge challenge, if not impossible; thankfully our filming kits were able to help with this. Each kit includes; a pre-rigged smartphone, streaming app, mini-cams for extra cameras angles, lights, and microphones. These kits are easy to assemble and quickly come online sending live feeds to our MCRs in Surrey. Our engineers oversaw the live feeds and audio remotely, whilst Telescope produced and directed remotely using our Director View software.


Kia was able to bring fans together virtually, not only to have a great time with footballing hero Jermaine Jenas, but to also celebrate the beautiful game with other fans!

Remote kits allowed producers to direct the show from the UK
Limitless' used their expertise in Remote Production