World First 5G Drone Show - Celestial & Coventry City of Culture

World First 5G Drone Show - Celestial & Coventry City of Culture

Date: 2022-05-16 Category: Portfolio Location: Coventry, UK


Celestial were commissioned by Coventry City of Culture to create a breathtaking finale consisting of 360 drones in the night sky called. “Our Wilder Family” brought animations with themes of sustainability and climate change to life. Limitless live broadcast the entire show to BBC iPlayer and our Limitless Live player, over 5G for the first time. Over 27,000 people gathered to watch in person, with 10,000’s more watching live.


Celestial asked us to bring their breathtaking live drone show to life, live in real time over 5G, the first of its kind, as a sustainable remote production. Sponsored by DCMS, Coventry wanted to show a sustainable way to broadcast live events and television by using 5G, and offer viewers a unique experience where they could cut their own show live, choosing which angles to watch at any time. We know how to get the best from bonded tech remotely, we harnessed the power of 5G remote production, using our R&D Department.


With one team based in Coventry handling the 9 live cameras, including a drone camera and 5G infrastructure, wirelessly linking back to our MCR. Here our production ran the show, not only cutting down on costs but lowering our carbon footprint and working more sustainably, we also led the way in 5G broadcast.


Limitless sent near-instantaneous isolated 5G connected camera feeds from Coventry to our Limitless Live player, where spectators could cut their own show live in real-time. A hugely popular live event with a clear sustainable message wowed crowds and viewers online in equal measure. The event brought Coventry together to celebrate their city and encouraged everyone to do their bit for our wildlife and planet.