D&AD Awards Go Virtual

D&AD Awards Go Virtual

Date: 2022-05-25 Category: Portfolio Location: London, UK


The Design and Advertising Awards are prestigious. Showcasing the world's best commercial creativity in design, advertising, craft, and production.

We were lucky enough to be invited to host and live stream the awards this year by Superglue, a specialist experiential events agency based in London. With the likes of BT Sport, Burberry, and Adidas up for awards, it was a vibrant event to be a part of.


Bring to life the most prestigious and high end awards in the UK, live in real-time, with real-time engagement. So, we provided our custom built virtual studio, and designed a bespoke virtual set featuring incredible graphic design from Studio Dunbar, and two fabulous presenters. Remotely link up watch parties across the world to engage the global audience in an international party, where awards were given out live and across time zones, all cued from the Limitless galleries. No one was left out!


Using our production galleries, virtual studio and remote production experience we were able to offer Superglue an end-to-end production solution that was flexible and designed around their creative ideas.


The D&AD Awards celebrated the very best in design and put on a fabulous, sustainable show. In total 3 people from D&AD were present, and 6 of Team Limitless supported production and ran the live show. We drastically reduced the carbon footprint of an in person event and zero air miles were used in the making of the production.

Design and Advertising Awards
Design and Advertising Awards