Channel 4: Emergency Fixed-Rig

Channel 4: Emergency Fixed-Rig

Date: 2023-08-15 Category: Portfolio Location: London


How do you follow the London Trauma team completely hands-off, and in real-time? Get Limitless on your team. Cameras follow medics from the London Air Ambulance Service, and London’s trauma network as they make crucial decisions for critically ill patients whose lives are in their hands.


Limitless designed a custom engineered fixed rig that could remain fixed for weeks at a time, was reliable and captured stable shots. Completely remote, hands-off and streamlined, the Limitless rig took up barely any space, slotting in nicely to the helicopter’s infrastructure, was easy to use and discreet.


The Garden Productions are known for their ambitious, innovative and authentic storytelling. They push the boundaries, and are adventurous with their ideas. In post-Covid this has not changed, if anything, it has increased to find new ways of storytelling. The Garden approached Limitless to develop a way of filming inside an active air ambulance without taking up physical space, or getting in the way of the trauma team. The London Air Ambulance have 30 seconds from klaxon to take off, not a lot of time to get everyone aboard safely and take flight.


Pushing the boundaries of broadcast technology to follow real people in the midst of life and death moments. Changing the game in documentary-making and footage gathering in the field.