R-League V10 Finals

R-League V10 Finals

Date: 2022-07-18 Category: Portfolio Location: Abu Dhabi


The R-League semi-finals and finals hosted live from the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, were transmitted live across two nights on BT Sport 1.

Esports legendary producers Gfinity engaged Limitless Broadcast directly to deliver their first ever remote production of The R-League semi-finals and finals hosted live from the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. This included a 5 camera remote production outside broadcast, with all live camera feeds sent over three of our LiveU LU800s to Gfinity via our MCR/Production Gallery here in the UK. Limitless Broadcast specced and delivered the live studio in Abu Dhabi, providing and handling all areas of technical capacity and production support to Gfinity.


Our team were selected by legendary Esports producers Gfinity to deliver the R-League finals live to BT Sport viewers. Our team had less than two weeks to turn-around an international delivery, including air-freighting a tonne of equipment to the Arabian continent. Limitless specced and delivered a five camera setup including a wireless steadicam, and brought all camera feeds back as individual ISOs to be cut in London. In addition, 6 simulator live feeds showing the driver’s point of view, 2 observer feeds and 1 game mix feed were created in the virtual world.


The method was invaluable to this project, as it wasn’t viable to ship the entirety of equipment or personnel required to site, nor were there any traditional OB trucks available in the country capable of supporting the 1080p59.94 framerate required for the customer’s delivery. All feeds, both virtual and real, were sent back to us in full broadcast HD using our three LiveU LU800 IP bonded encoders, where the signals dropped straight into the vision mixer as if the studio was next door.

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