The House of Next

The House of Next

Date: 2021-09-13 Category: Portfolio


To celebrate the launch of their A/W collection, Next threw a glittering Christmas Party at 38 Grosvenor House, and invited VIPs and celebrity guests to attend. Telescope partnered with Limitless to broadcast a live sneak peek of Next's Autumn and Winter collection hosted by television's Emma Willis.

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Next wanted to treat customers to an exclusive sneak peek of the new collection, with Emma personally inviting customers to join the live stream and "walk" through the house with her. As Emma moved through each room she spoke directly to the camera and interviewed designers, press and other guests along the way, finishing with revealing her very own Edit.


The stream included an interactive feature where viewers could send in questions for Emma to ask her guests in real-time, whilst using emoji's to provide visual feedback to how they felt about the different items. Real-time graphics displayed the price tag of each item as it was presented, with viewers able to buy and reserve items during the stream.

The show followed Emma Willis around the house in London

Limitless needed to provide a single smooth and continuous live camera shot so each customer felt as though they were in the room with Emma. With Grosvenor House being over three floors high this was no easy feat, but Limitless provided a talented team including a creative director, broadcast engineers, camera crew and Steadicam operator to ensure the live feed was a success.


The event marked a new era in interactive live social media streaming, where viewers can interact with their favourite brands directly in real-time, driving positive conversations and increasing brand loyalty.

The event was streamed to Next's Instagram and Facebook Live. Limitless provided everything needed for the live stream, including a small OB, audio, comms and wireless stabilised cameras.

The fly-away kit was sited in the building, connected to the remote cameras in each area of the house
The fly-away kit was sited in the building, connected to the remote cameras in each area of the house